Transport Jacques Auger Inc. is the undisputed leader in the transportation of petroleum products in Québec.


Transport Jacques Auger is the recipient  of 5 awards from Imperial Esso, awards that were received during Esso’s annual «2012 Canadian Hauler of the Year» gala which took place on May 1st, 2013 in Banff, Alberta.

  • 2012 Canadian Hauler of the Year
  • «Hauler having most improved in the matter of spills in 2012» (no spills)
  • «Hauler having most improved in the matter of mixed products in 2012» (no mixed products)
  • «Hauler with no injuries in 2012»
  • «Hauler with the most near-miss reporting in 2012»

Mr. Auger would like to thank his whole team: professional drivers, dispatchers, mechanics and administrative staff for their excellent team work and devotion to our company.

Air pur 2011 award

Transport Jacques Auger is the winner of the environmental model transporter by receiving the «AIP PUR 2011» prize for the cleanest fleet as per the quality of their maintenance on an environmental level.

«As the proud recipient of the «AIR PUR 2011» prize, I would like to thank, in the name of Transport Jacques Auger, the ASMAVERMEQ for their commitment in supporting many different environmental programs and for their close ties with all the transportation organisms.»

Jacques Auger


A native of the small town of Laurier-Station near Quebec City, Jacques Auger decided at a very young age he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was an independent trucker and avid mechanic. So at age 19, he bought his first truck to transport asphalt and gravel.

Over the years, his transport expertise and competence grew which led him in 1986 to start his own company, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. in Laurier-Station.

In the fall of that same year, Transport Jacques Auger won the Ultramar oil transport contract. This gave Transport Jacques Auger Inc. three important clients: Ultramar, Ciment Québec and Transport Saguelac.


1992 marked a turning point for the company and its biggest challenge to date. Oil companies decided to subcontract the transport of their products. At this time, Transport Jacques Auger had 12 trucks and the Laurier-Station locale had become too small to meet the company’s evolving needs. Mr. Auger bought land in St. David, near the Ultramar refinery, in order to build a new garage that would also house the administrative staff. At half a million dollars, this represented a major investment for the time.


In 1993, Transport Jacques Auger won their first three-year transport contract with Esso, a contract that continues to be renewed today.


In 1994, the company decided to devote all its activities exclusively to the transport of petroleum products and continued to grow through the acquisition of carriers specializing in petroleum products.


In 2002, Transport Jacques Auger acquired all assets related to the transportation of petroleum products from its competitor, LĂ©vy Transport.


In January 2004, the company acquired all petroleum product transport activity assets of TransForce Inc. (specifically, Forestville Transport and Transport Retex).


In May 2009, the company acquired Petroleum Bilodeau, a company based in Rimouski, that served several clients in the Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspé regions.


Today, with clients such as Couche-Tard, Esso, Petro-Canada, Shell, Sonic, Crevier, Ultramar and others, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. and its fleet of trucks is a sought-after specialist in the transport of petroleum products—and the undisputed leader in the transportation of petroleum products in the province of Québec.

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